BACA Meeting Minutes, July 11, 2016

BACA Meeting Minutes – Monday, July 11, 2016 – 7pm, Mt. Sinai Church, 3rd and Q St NW

I. Preliminary Matters 7:05-7:12

7:05 pm Kyle Thomas, Treasurer – Meeting Called to Order

  • Treasurer’s Report balance about $4,500, big change was received $1,500 and disbursed $1,500 as receiver for funds for DC Humanities grant for history project
  • summary of agenda
  • officer elections process, any dues paying member can be officer, paid members can vote on official matters (see also prior BACA post about nominations)

7:10-7:12 Review of Last Meeting Minutes – Christa Fields, Secretary

II.  Community Representatives 7:12-7:45

7:12-7:36pm  Commissioner Teri J. Quinn – 5E06

  • She went to Anxo’s soft opening this weekend and it should be great, officially opening Wednesday
  • She met with Lt. Verna today about murder in Bloomingdale early this morning and other crime, emphasized importance of police coming to neighborhood meetings – last month at Bloomingdale Civic Association they had commanders for 5D and 3D (Ledroit Park) plus rep from LGBT liaison for police to talk about their approach to addressing rising crime, many BACA residents attended
  • she’s concerned that seems to be mainly reactive approach to crime, thinks as a community we could do more to keep focus on crime, hopes to have communities and MPD have coordinated approach
  • Noted that police have increased presence as asked although some people haven’t seen it, but still with the murder this morning police were 2 blocks away but it didn’t prevent homicide
  • Resident suggested some ideas: get together with Eckington, Bloomingdale, and Bates board members to coordinate; more frequent monthly or quarterly community walkthroughs; possibly use BACA funds to distribute security cameras or decoys such as part of a “day of prevention” for community; have meetings outside or at different locations to increase visible presence of people that are concerned and involved
  • She reminded residents there is a city rebate for security cameras but there’s not much left in fund per MPD in attendance; agreed it’s a good idea to try creative ideas such as mentioned above
  • About meeting together with other neighborhoods there used to be regular PSA (public service advisory) meetings but those don’t happen anymore, could go to monthly meetings at police department but no meetings again until September, also we could try to put out invite to officers to have meeting together with residents, don’t want to encourage ricochet approach for crime
  • Resident noted there is a group home on Q between 4th and 5th of men aged out of foster homes, she sees them hanging out on streets and they are very rough/dangerous looking such as playing with knives, she knows some of them were violent offenders from them having lived as neighbor, seems like people hanging out has increased significantly, can we see if group homes are monitored to see if being operated properly etc or is that violation of privacy? Probably question for mayor’s office in conjunction with MPD especially if see activity that seems illegal, she doubts there would be way to get info released as to minors or where the places are located, although if there is illegal activity then should be able to get enforcement about that
  • Another resident noted should try to get people from neighboring communities together especially those who have lived here for a while and through higher crime in the past to get their input and ideas as to what measures worked and didn’t work in the past to decrease crime – TJ noted could start with small number of people from each civic association to have meeting; also noted there was a great and effective community walk in the past called the “orange hats” because would wear orange hats and take flash flights to do walkthroughs in evening as well
  • Question any update from zoning board about 410-412 Richardson Place development? Yes she received an email on that, she thinks they said their office doesn’t make the determination but that when it’s filed with DCRA there’s a zoning person there who will make determination but this is case of first impression so they haven’t dealt with specific issue before – resident noted developer is continuing to use existing plans seemingly with hopes that he won’t ever have to go through DCRA, TJ thinks he would still have to go through DCRA to get an occupancy permit

Metropolitan Police Department, Community Safety Update/Concerns – Lt William Verna, Jr. and Sgt arrived about 7:20 but had to leave to go to a crime scene, email or call him and he’ll respond one-on-one

7:36-7:46p     Commissioner Bradley A. Thomas – 5E05

  • 4 weeks ago there was quadruple shooting at corner of N.Cap and NY Ave so there’s been a lot of activity relating to that, day after shooting there was emergency meeting at 5D headquarters including McDuffie and mayor’s office representatives etc – they discussed things such as need comprehensive approach, locking people up doesn’t fix things because that creates a void for other criminals to fill in gap; this last Saturday there was joint meeting called by VP of Hanover Civic Association with MPD, DDOT, mayor’s office, etc – each spoke for about 10 minutes and many questions asked
  • Will be meeting with SMD task forces for parking and traffic and DDOT at HQ at 55 Half St SE on July 28 to address issues with traffic and parking on corridors that are around and through our communities – if you’re not a member of a task force you’re welcome to come, also welcome to join task force
  • Question/comment about trying to get multijurisdictional task force for crime – so maybe invite those other neighbors DDOT meeting as well to try to be comprehensive approach
  • Question about more visibility of police at that particular intersection too in addition to more beat cops TJ Quinn mentioned – Commander committed to having more visible and walking presence, one resident who said he used to be someone who would hang around corners but is now matured some so he mentioned that would be helpful if police would walk around and talk to people not just drive around, also neighbors talking to each other to bond as community to help reduce minor issues
  • Question any contacts with owners of corner store at 3rd and P NW because have noticed that store has become place to congregate in front of that store, not necessarily crime but there’s a lot of trash building up and that is corner where pepper spray incident happened recently, someone noted every day she gets explicit cat calls on way home from work from group gathered there, also seems strange that the store was getting robbed very frequently few years ago and now not being robbed but having this other type of unwanted activity


III. Other Community Topics 7:46-8:00pm

7:46-7:55 Flower Power Results – Christa Fields and Anne Henderson – summarized donations for prizes and food, beverages; thanks to committee members; announced winners and will also be posted on blog


7:57-7:58 Board Nominations Process – Kyle Thomas – go to blog to nominate yourself or a neighbor and we will vote at next meeting in September, all positions are up for election


7:58 question about movies at the park – TJ Quinn said she spoke with Fayette (MPD liaison) and they can get that going when we’re ready – she’ll get some people from Bloomingdale, there was popcorn and sno cones in past; Kyle or Christa will reach out to help coordinate with BACA as well


7:59 Marie Maxwell – she and a few other neighborhood artists and historians received a DC Humanities grant thanks in part to BACA sponsorship, they will be doing a history project about our area, date TBD but looking at January 13, 2017 at an art gallery at 410 GoodBuddy gallery (410 Florida Ave NW)


8:00 PM Adjourn


 No August Meeting – Next meeting: Monday, September 12, 2016

Upcoming Events: Elections Scheduled for Monday, September 12, 2016

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