Flower Power 2016 winners – claim your prizes!

Hello friends and neighbors – As promised, we announced the winners of the best yards in the BACA area at tonight’s meeting, as voted on by Flower Power 2016 Tour participants.  There were 2 back yards, 2 front yards, and 2 tree boxes selected this year.

If you were not able to attend to receive your prize, email christasf@gmail.com within the next week (by Sunday 7/18/16).  Otherwise, I’ll come knock on your door….. 🙂

Thanks once again to our generous local businesses and business owners for donating prizes.  First come, first serve for the remaining gift certificates:

$25 – Aroi Thai Sushi Bar – 1832 1st St NW
[CLAIMED] $25 – Boundary Stone Public House – 116 R.I. Ave NW
$25 – Crisp Kitchen+Bar – 1837 1st St NW
[CLAIMED] $50 – Old Engine Firehouse – 1626 N. Capitol NW
$25 – Point Chaud Cafe & Crepes – 1100 NY Ave NW, 1012 14th St. NW, 1736 14th St NW
$30 – Rustik Tavern – 84 T St NW

There were a lot of great gardens, and many yards received votes.  The top 6 winners, including a 3-way tie for 3rd place, are……

  • #1: 207 Bates back yard – received prize at meeting
  • #2: 204 Bates tree box – received prize at meeting
  • #3a: 408 Richardson Place back yard
  • #3b: 1544 3rd Street tree box
  • #3c: 1405 New Jersey front yard
  • #6: 1406 3rd Street tree box

Thanks again to everyone for voting, and especially to everyone for putting in the time and effort to make your spaces beautiful for us all to enjoy!

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