Urban Turf: Four-unit condo shipping container development planned for 1512 6th St NW

Just FYI.  This is just west of the Bates Area.

Click on the link to read the entire Urban Turf post.

Shipping Container Condo Development Coming to Shaw

In September 2014, architect Travis Price and builders Sean Joiner and Matthew Grace introduced DC to the world of residential developments made of shipping containers. Now, Price has another sea container residential project in the works for Shaw.

Price and developer Rob Carter will build a four-unit condo development at 1512 6th Street NW (map), UrbanTurf has learned.

The project consists of 12 shipping containers — six 40-foot long containers in the front, and six 20-foot long containers in the back. The containers sit on top of a concrete foundation. A portion of the exterior brick wall of the property at the address was retained, which frames a new stairway.

1512 6th St NW 2016 08 10

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