Solicitation for Offers (SFO) deadline for DHCD’s #FlaQNW site is now 11-15-2016

See this tweet and response from DHCD:

Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC

eager to hear the latest on ‘s site in at Florida & Q St NW

8:55 AM – 15 Oct 2016

DC DHCD@DCDHCD                 

Our SFO application deadline for that site was extended to 11.15.16, see

11:59 AM – 17 Oct 2016

Here is the application deadline brief text from the DHCD link above:

The application deadline for the Florida Avenue & Q Street NW SFO has been extended to November 15, 2016 due to the findings of the Limited Subsurface Investigation (LSI). The findings indicate percloroethene is in the groundwater at levels that exceed acceptable standards. Further assessment information will be provided in advance of the revised due date to allow for appropriate proposal revisions.


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