WCP: ” ‘Co-living space’ threatens to change the quaint Richardson Place NW”

Click on the link to read the entire Washington City Paper post on Richardson Place NW.


Of all the buildings going up in his neighborhood, Jim Norris is most annoyed by the one next door.

The 71-year-old homeowner has lived in a squat, two-story brick townhouse on Richardson Place NW since August 2001, when he purchased the then-abandoned property for $60,000. The street is a somewhat hidden, almost Lilliputian block, tucked between New Jersey Avenue and 4th Street NW, immediately south of where Rhode Island and Florida avenues intersect, in Truxton Circle. Residents have cherished its distinctly quaint vibe as adjacent Shaw and nearby U Street have transformed into bustling neighborhoods, replete with nightlife and youth.

But over the past few years, Norris, who moved to D.C. in the 1960s and has remained in what he considers Shaw for roughly three decades, has felt besieged by what’s happening on the lot with which he shares a wall.


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