the highest-paid executive at So Others Might Eat (among other DC-area 501c3 organizations)

Click on this link to read the entire Washington Business Journal post.

The Bates Area’s So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E.) is among the list of 25 DC-area 501(c)(3) organizations that the Washington Business Journal reviewed.


Carolyn M. Proctor

Just because we’re talking about nonprofit organizations, doesn’t mean some executives aren’t bringing home some pretty paychecks.

While producing our annual List of the 25 highest-paid executives at Greater Washington’s 501(c)(3) organizations this year, I wanted to delve deeper into nonprofit pay.

So, I pored through the 990 tax forms of every organization on all three of our nonprofit Lists — including the 50 largest, the 25 largest that are regionally focused, along with the 25 highest-paid executives. I put together a database that included the highest-paid person at each of those organizations (excluding only those with either no 990 filed or zero paid employees). This resulted in a list of 80 people.





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