developer Martin Ditto and his co-living project in NE DC

Click on the link to read the entire BisNow post.

Note that Ditto Development has its Bates Area project (although not a co-living project) at 4th & P St NW.

Will Richardson Place NW be getting some co-living housing?

Jury’s not out yet on that.


Young professionals who typically rent studios or live in group houses to pay lower rents, Ditto said, are being drawn to co-living spaces where they have a private bedroom and bathroom, but share a large common area with several roommates.

“I think communal living for lots of different age and socioeconomic groups will be a big change for multiple reasons,” Ditto told Bisnow. “Not least of which is the personal desire to be around other people, but also just the economics of shared space and shared living.”

Ditto’s boutique development firm, Ditto Residential, has traditionally built for-sale condo buildings, but it tested out this concept with the nine-unit OSLOshaw in 2014. The units, all three- and four-bedrooms with private bathrooms, have extra-large common areas and are designed for young people who enjoy student housing-style communal living arrangements.


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