Who would like to post about the project at 1st & P St NW at the former Steve’s Market?

See the text of an Email that I received:

I may have missed something about it but do you know anything about the new development in the former Steve’s Market space at First and P NW? They’ve stopped and started construction a few times but it definitely seems to be a cafe/restaurant of sorts. They’ve just added a little fence making for a decent size patio.


3 thoughts on “Who would like to post about the project at 1st & P St NW at the former Steve’s Market?

  1. Frankly ,Im tired of watching this mess a project that never seems to end. To see other projects from start to finish completed in far less time,makes me womder what really is the problem with this building?

    1. The lack of work seems to be the problem. There aren’t issues you can’t fix. You just have to fix them. There was this surge of work like 6 to 8 months ago and then nothing. I did see some guys painting that fence this past week. It gave me some hope. Then again, even in the current state, it doesn’t look much worse than the Steve’s Market shell that was there when I moved into Truxton.

  2. Everyone wants to jump into flipping property here in the city with their grand ideas,not always understanding the larger picture of how much it will really cost to get many of these dwellings up to code. This entire project seemed poorly planned out from the start! What’s the purpose of painting a gate if you have’nt completed all of the work from the inside first? The entire project is backwards Imo.! I would even be concerend with the quality of workmanship as well. That balcony even looked kind of sketchy at one point.🤔

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