Rumor: 311 P Street NW project hearing postponed; rescheduled to 04-19-2017

The 311 P Street NW development project was on the Zoning Commission calendar last week.

The applicant asked for a postponement, so the hearing did not occur.

The new date for the 311 P Street NW hearing is set for Wednesday, 04-19-2017.

If the development plans change, then the applicant will need to go before ANC5E.  The April 2017 ANC5E meeting is the night before the new zoning date — on Tuesday, 04-18-2017.


3 thoughts on “Rumor: 311 P Street NW project hearing postponed; rescheduled to 04-19-2017

  1. HI I’ve been in touch with the owner of this property. 311 P St NW property actually also has an entrance on 3rd St NW. You can see a gate next to 1504 3rd St, which is where it lets out. The owner proposes to put two units at 311 P St and somehow another two units on 3rd St. Not sure how this is possible. He told me that the property plans are still in the works.

    1. Ridiculous, Its only making room fo more people to hang out there out front of the store . Thats why I can walk my my butt up to Giant and Safeway for beer and bread. The summer is comming people.Get Ready. People get ready You Better Recognise. Best get your beer and wine coming home from work lest you want to get harassed.

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