DC Department of Public Works Graffiti Removal


Good afternoon, graffiti or tagging can be a frustrating problem for your constituents. Keeping up with your home’s appearance is enough work as it is without someone spray painting your property. Graffiti makes any building an eyesore, it takes away from property’s curb appeal and can keep customers from entering businesses. The Department of Public Works (DPW) will clean graffiti from public and private property using paint or non-toxic solutions that are applied then removed with a high-pressure water spray (the power wash is not suitable for walls with loose or crumbling masonry). You can call 311 or go to https://ouc-dc311.force.com/Citizen to request graffiti removal. A waiver of liability form is attached, which must be signed by the property owner and returned to DPW before abatement will occur on private property. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the receptionist at (202) 645-7190 or one of the Ward 5 SWEEP Inspectors included on this email below. Thank you!


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