Compost Crew–Opportunity for area residents

Compost Crew, a composting pick-up service, will attend the September BACA meeting to provide information to residents on their services. A few area residents reached out and asked that BACA help spread the word to others in the area who might be interested in participating. The more households that participate, the more effective the program becomes at reducing the costs, waste, and improving the city’s sustainability.

More information, and a way to sign up, can be found on the Compost Crew BACA Site

Additional details provided by Compost Crew:

Sign up at: or call 301-202-4450

Compost Crew offers a simple weekly composting service and accept a wide range of items. Compost Crew is now offering the Bates Area Civic Association (BACA) a community pilot for two months at $35 or $17.50/month. It’s a very simple, efficient system. Compost Crew offers a weekly curbside pick-up on Wednesday am, the same day as trash/recycling. They provide a critter-proof container with a screw down lid and a compostable liner held in place with a large rubber band. All you need to do during the week is collect the compostable items, and place them in the critter-proof container – no chopping, no mixing, no mess!

BACA does not endorse services, but we do serve as an information exchange and will provide information about programs or services that area residents may be interested in. As such, this information is being provided for your consideration as a resident of the area. BACA does not fund this program nor has it made any financial commitments to Compost Crew.

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