gofundme page for Danielle Parker-Williams, shot and killed last week in Sursum Corda


See this 09-18-2017 message from Denise Blackson:

It was suggested that I share with you the gofundme link for Danielle Parker-Williams. She is the 29 year old young lady who was shot and killed in the Sursum Corda Community last week.  [See this Washington Post article.]  She has three children. Her mom only had two children Daron who was also killed seven or eight years ago to gun violence. Danielle has three children who the family is trying to raise money for. If you could please share this link with everyone. The family set-up this gofundme page.  My heart goes out to this family.  Danielle and Daron went to church with my children at Mt. Airy Baptist Church. I know all the cousins and grandmother. I see a young lady on next door saying that is her sister but I do not know her. I am not here to judge or intrude. I am new to nextdoor and want to know the right things to share. Here is the link off of her cousin’s page:   gf.me/u/cwkmni


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