So Others Might Eat President Rev. John Adams profiled by WaPo columnist John Kelly

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So Others Might Eat WaPo John Kelly 2017 11 22

By John Kelly Columnist November 22 at 3:51 PM

For years in the 1970s, people would show up at all hours of the day and night at a low, stone building in the unit block of O Street NW hoping to drop off stray dogs and cats. The building had once been an animal shelter but now served a two-legged clientele: people who were hungry and knew they could find a meal at a charity called So Others Might Eat.

The Rev. John Adams, the president of SOME, still chuckles at the memory. (“We told them they had to go up to Oglethorpe Street” where the new animal shelter was, he said.)
The nonprofit has grown a lot in the 40 years since then, not just in real estate but in scope: If you are poor or experiencing homelessness or addiction in Washington, you can probably get help at SOME, a partner in The Washington Post Helping Hand.

So Others Might Eat

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