MPD: 5D gun recovery near North Capitol and New York Ave NE

gun recovery

From: []

Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2018 4:47 AM


Subject: [MPD-5D] 5D Gun Recovery

On Thursday February 15, 2018 around 2:30 AM Members of the Fifth District followed a vehicle that was observed driving on North Capital around New York Ave NE. The vehicle was reported in the Sixth District taken at gun point only 4 hours prior.

Once the officers were able to get air support to assist they attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver jumped out of the vehicle but was quickly apprehended. On the scene the officers located a black 9mm Pistol that fit the description of the weapon used in the armed carjacking.

Great Work by the Fifth District Officers removing this dangerous individual from the streets of DC.

Franklin Porter

Lieutenant, Fifth District

Patrol Services North

Badge No. L310

Metropolitan Police Department

1805 Bladensburg Rd NE Washington, DC 20002

202-698-0268 (office)

202-317-2050 (cell)

Twitter @DCPoliceDept


MPD #2

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