WBJ: Sursum Corda development – “on one hand hard to believe, and on the other, inevitable.”

Click on the link to read the entire Washington Business Journal article:

WBJ Sursum Corda 2018 03 13

In 2005, after five years trolling Northern Virginia for stories, I was hired by a nascent daily newspaper to cover all things D.C. Our first office was a largely unfurnished floor of a downtown office building overlooking Franklin Square. We didn’t stay there long.

That’s because a development boom was ever-so-slowly underway in the District. But back then, even as we looked to the future, we still lived in the past. Virtually every story about an exciting new project had a caveat, things we don’t think about as much anymore — this block was on fire during the riots; this block was ravaged by crime during the ’80s.

To measure the extent of that boom, consider what wasn’t 13 years ago.


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