who picked and filed by today’s deadline to run for ANC5E05 & ANC5E06?

Today was the deadline for people interested in running for ANC commissioner in the November 2018 DC general election to file their completed petitions.

The Bates Area / Truxton Circle is represented by ftwo ANC5E single member districts (SMDs).

ANC5E05 is completely included in Truxton Circle.

ANC5E06 is partially included in Bloomingdale.

Who picked up petitions for Truxton Circle’s two ANC5E SMDs?


Bradley Thomas and Joyce Robinson-Paul


Pat Mitchell and Karla Lewis (both Bloomingdale residents)

Here is today’s list of people intending to run for ANC5E commissioners in the November 2018 DC general election.

All four people filed their petitions by today’s deadline.

ANC5E candidates as of 2018 08 08

See the ANC5E SMD map below.ANC5E SMD map

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