upcoming children’s art classes and workshops at Mango Street (located at 52 O Street Studios)

See this message from Mango Street of 52 O Street Studios, from the Bloomingdale Kids list at Yahoogroups.

Hello parents!

Wanted to share the Upcoming children’s art classes and workshops at MangoStreet! <https://mangostreetdc.com/>

At MANGOSTREET we believe that children’s sense of the possible and wondrous can be cultivated.
A cloud in the sky is not only a cloud: it’s an ombliferous idea!
A shadow cast on the floor is not only a shadow: it’s a runcible mystery!

A neighborhood imaginarium. A design studio. A venue for the collective
and serene weaving of magical doors for all of those who believe
that imagination is a plumdomphious path to understanding & meaning.

Imagine your own world of whimsy. A place for all “what-ifs” and imaginary beings.
Children ages 2-4, and their loved ones, will manipulate art materials and be immersed in an inspiring, self-exploratory, but curated experience to create imaginary settings and beings. At MangoStreet, we believe in the simple, spontaneous, and nurtured approach to developing self-expression, cultivating imagination, and creating community within the reflective space our atelier opens for all of us.

During ART CLUB we immerse in a collective exploration of color, materials,
and ideas! Through spontaneous drawing, improvisation, and brainstorming, we adventure into the creative process behind art & design projects. During this time and space we let our shared values—like respect, kindness, rigor—to mix and simmer in a melting pot fueled by our imagination.

Here is the link to register.

Mango Street 2018 08 31 #1

Mango Street 2018 08 31 #2

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