results of votes taken at the Tuesday, 10-16-2018, ANC5E meeting related to the Bates area regarding Big Ben Liquors, historic landmark application for SOME’s 71 O Street NW & SOME’s plans for 1509-1519 North Capitol St NE

ANC5E04 Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney posted over at the Eckington list the results of votes taken at the Tuesday, 10/20/2018, ANC5E meeting.

Below are items related to the Bates area.

Big Ben Liquors

3.  Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) Matter – Rescinding of Protest Resolution on Big Ben Liquors at 1300 North Capitol Street, NW. This resolution informs ABRA that the ANC is suspending its protest based on agreements the Hanover Area Civic Association (HACA) and ANC Commissioner Bradley Thomas made with the liquor store’s owner regarding the placement of a police-beat book in the store and a one-week experiment banning the sale of “single sales” of prepackaged beer and ale products.

The Commission voted to send a letter to ABRA that suspends the protest letter contingent on HACA’s approval of the agreement.

71 O Street NW SOME

4.  Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) HPRB #16-07 Washington Animal Rescue League Animal Shelter at 71 O St NW. A representative from the current building’s owners, So Others Might Eat (SOME), discussed how they oppose the Historic Designation application for the building, which was submitted by the DC Preservation League without consulting SOME. An architectural historian argued that the building does not meet the criteria necessary for historic designation.

The Commission voted to approve a letter requesting the HPRB to postpone their hearing on 71 O Street, NW until HACA and other constituents can learn more about the application and voice their opinion.

15109-1519 North Capitol Street NE SOME plans 2018 10


6. Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) #19888. SOME Special Exception Loading Requirements. 1509-1519 N Capitol St NW. The development is taking advantage of the city’s new zoning rules that increases density limits. The building will offer 139 units of affordable housing over 13 floors. Household income limits for residents will be 30% MFI.

The Commission did not vote.  The presentation simply provided a review of the project and an opportunity for 5E Commissioners and the public to ask questions.  Commissioner Pinkney recommended that SOME present the project to the Hanover Area Civic Association and the Bates Area Civic Association.  Both 

associations border Eckington.

The Hanover and Eckington Civic Association voted to support the project.  The Bates Area Civic Association meeting is later this month.

So Others Might Eat

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