nearby proposed no-right-on-red intersections

Click on the link to read the entire WTOP article.

Where DC wants to ban right on red

WASHINGTON — D.C. is moving to make left turns safer at five intersections by the end of the year, and announced Friday the specific 101 other locations it plans to ban right turns on red.

The changes are some small steps meant to make roadways safer. The city is installing actual infrastructure to slow down drivers turning left and prevent cutting across other lanes of traffic or crosswalks at 7th and T streets NW, 9th and M streets NW, 11th and I streets SE, 11th Street and Columbia Road NW, and 13th and I streets NW.

Similar changes could be made at about 85 other intersections over the next two years.

Here are a few intersections listed in the WTOP story:

North Capitol Street and New York Avenue NW and N Street NE and New York Avenue NE

1st Street and New York Avenue and O Street NE

R and 7th streets NW


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