Right Care Right Now initiative discussion at the 4th Street-Friendship SDA Church — Saturday, 03-16-2019

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Mayor Muriel Bowser launched the Right Care, Right Now initiative, which connects 911 callers with less serious and non-life-threatening injuries and conditions to primary care providers near their homes, helping preserve resources for serious emergencies. With the addition of a nurse triage line to the Office of Unified Communications, some 911 callers who may be better served and treated in a primary care setting, will be transferred to a nurse. If a nurse agrees that a caller may be best served in a primary care setting, the nurse will identify a doctor’s office in the caller’s neighborhood where the patient will be able to receive medical care the very same day.

On Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 3pm Doug Buchanan Chief Communications Officer for DC Fire and EMS Department will be at the 4th Street SDA Church 1611 4th St NW to speak about this new initiative.

All are welcome to attend.

For more information contact:

Tijuana G. Griffin, PhD, RN

Community Services Director

Fourth Street Friendship SDA Church

1611 4th Street, NW


4th Street Friendship SDA Church

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