March 2019 Meeting Notes

Bates Area Civic Association

Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2019

Called to order at 7:08

Welcome and Officers’ Report

MPD Updates (Lt.  Hodge, Lt. Anu Amen Ra)

  • Rundown of crime in the neighborhood over the past month
  • Past Saturday had a Meet and Greet; upcoming Meet and Greet on March 12th  from 6-7pm at Big Bear Cafe
  • Puffers – (def.) people leaving cars running to warm up and then the cars being stolen.  Please turn off ignition and remove keys before removing child from car
  • Kids in neighborhood a problem with stealing, ect.
  • New matrix went into effect yesterday.  Segways and bikes assigned to this area.

Update on the Langston School (Kyle)

  • Councilmember ask to form a working group; Resolution put together for the redevelopment; National Peace Corp Assoc. is looking in the area and was interested in the building
  • Starting to get traction with city agencies to get this moving
  • Peace Corp proposal: 1.) Returning entrpenurial center for past Peace Corp on site, training  2.) Peace Corp museum:  Donors and artifacts
  • Job skill training could also help the community
  • Long process but seeing movement

Updates from CM McDuffie’s office  (Kelley Cislo)

Updates from the Mayor’s office (Mr. Chestnut)

  • My DPW – new app, register online, alert you when it’s street sweeping
  • Extending circulator rides through March 4th
  • Veterans can use Capitol bike share for free
  • Early Learning Tax Credit – 2027278429
  • Rapid SOS – location service for 911, more accurate (up to 50 ft.)
  • Ward 5 Roll Off Day this Saturday at Noyes Elementary 10th and Monroe NE – bulk trash, electronics
  • Rock and Roll Marathon is this Saturday; street closures

Updates from ANC Commissioners

Karla Lewis

  • 1600 Capitol St NW – Historic Preservation RE application
    •  Bloomingdale Civic Assoc. did not to support
    • But ANC felt the application was acceptable
    • 6 story building with retail space – 85 to 90 units
  • Traffic calming Florida to Brigent on 1st St  — curb extensions of bump outs, flexiposts
  • Co-hosting the coffee with a cop at Big Bear Café,
    • Introducing officers, outreach, different ways to communicate with polices
  • Walk with Agencies last Saturday, Karla pointed out:
    • 100 block of Q ST pointed out
    • Florida Ave Park
    • in front of Joe Mamo lot, North Capitol and Florida
  • DC Water and Sewer, March 7th meet with neighbors and another meeting March 14th (no confirmation)

Bradley Thomas

  • Single member meeting this  ast Saturday –
    • Public Access to Track at Dunbar High School?
      • Problems: wear and tear, liability, security
      • Currently available 6-8am M-F
      • Community looking for longer hours
      • School wants a contribution to 4 lane barriers at $2000 a pop
      • Pool – run by DPW so more accessibility outside school system
    • Garden – CBD shop; only adults with ID allowed
      • Does it have the proper business license?
    • DDOT open house for ANCs
      • Implementation MidCity East Plan
      • North Capitol and New York Ave intersection – Design changes because of pedistrain deaths
  • Tuesday, March 19th for next ANC meeting
  • Kyle asked about Spring Clean Up Funds // $1500 per single member district
  • Talk about doing monthly clean ups in Spring/Summer

BACA Board Priorities

  • Membership Drive  — knock on doors, bring in new people, magnet with reminder of meeting and key dates such as Spring Clean Up
  • Either April 27th or 20th for Spring Clean Up
  • Community Event
    • Partner with Miles Halloman
  • Holiday Party in place of December meeting

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