on Saturday, 04-06-2019, at the 4th Street-Friendship SDA Church, MPD Sergeant Nicole Brown to speak on her new role in the LGBT Liaison Unit and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, at 3 PM, Sgt. Nicole Brown will present to the community at the 4th Street Friendship SDA Church, 1611 4th St NW. The following is a statement from Sgt. Brown describing the focus of her topic.

“I am now in charge of supervising and overseeing the Officers in the LGBT Liaison Unit and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit. We basically provide outreach, resources, and build partnerships with different organizations in the communities to assist these underserved groups.”  

Attached is the flyer invitation.

Thank you,

Tijuana G. Griffin, Ph.D., RN

Community Services Director

Email: fsfcommsrv@gmail.com

Fourth Street Friendship SDA Chruch

1611 4th Street, NW

Washington, DC. 20001

4th Street-Friendship SDA church 2019 04 06

4th Street Friendship SDA Church


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