BACA May Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2019

Called to order at 7:00p

MPD Updates (Capt.  Kim)

  • Crime update:
    • One serious assault on 4/26 at N St NW, drug related, shot in shoulder a few times, suspect arrested
    • Robberies — 2 in the neighborhood recently — one masked
    • Hanover 4/24 unit block arrested two for warrant/drugs
    • 4/15 R ST shooting
    • 5/1 — two arrests on Hanover
    • 5/2 — one arrest for dealing drugs // one for possession
    • concentration on north capitol — 48 arrests in the last 30 days (drug/simple assault/ theft)
  • Please don’t leave anything expensive in your car.   Usually auto thefts happen when laptops or handbags are left in a car unattended.  
  • K2 (“Scooby Snax”) —  Please report stores selling K2.   Email Cpt. Kim and be as detailed as possible
  • Pop Up Events in the Community —
    • Email if you want the police to attend your event

John Miller — FlyWheel Development

  • Development at SW corner of Bates and N. Capitol St

DDOT update on Dave Thomas Circle

  • NY AVE and Florida Ave
  • This is in Mayor Bowser’s budget.  Set aside $35 million for property acquisition and construction.
  • On April 29th, DDOT had an  open house to discuss the proposed design with the community.
  • Studies found the intersections to be confusing the way it is today.   The Mayor’s office wants to make this area easier to navigate and safer in future.
  • From 2013-2015, there was a study analysis and recommendations were then put forth for short term improvements.
  • Six options were developed with several keeping Wendy’s staying in place.
  • But the option that the city decided (“Virtual Circle Concept 6”)  on eliminates Wendy’s.
  • Final Design should be complete in Fall 2020.
  • And they will start construction in 2021.
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) — will need to pass these hurdles in the design and construction phases
  • “Virtual Circle Concept 6 “— reduces # of intersections, keeps Florida ave with two lanes going both directions, Wendy’s is eliminated
  • There will be three green spaces that still have to be determined there use.  Could be parks, storm water management, ect.
  • Considering feedback from the community on more cycle track for bikes
  • End of June — Next public meeting.
    • In meantime, DDOT is presenting to other ANC and Civic Association meetings

Mount Sinai Baptist Church BZA application (Jimmie Williams, Executive Director of Washington Literary Center and Maurice, Chairman of Mt. Sinai Church Board)

  • Mt. Sinai is asking to lease a portion of their building to the Washington Literacy Center.
  • RF1 — residential, asking for special acceptation relief, community serving
  • The building had previously been used for the church’s administrative offices
  • Washington Literacy Center:
    • Founded in 1963, non-profit 1965.  
    • Teach adult literacy.  Teach anyone literacy whether math or job training.   
    • Only 3 providers in DC that do similar work.  
    • Currently, they are housed in the  Thurgood Marshall building
    • Average age 18-25 for workforce events
    • Average age 30-45 for other programs, economic self sufficiency
    • Hours for students: 8:30/9a until 8:30p
    • They provide some Incentive programs such as meals (snacks), transportation, clothing for work, and paid internships or jobs.
  • Working with the community:
    • They will provide security within the building and camera system around the building
    • Have a plan for a small smoking area outside the building
  • Looking for a letter of support tonight from BACA— Motion to support, 2nd, all in favor, no opposed
  • 3 year term with an option to renew

Updates from the Mayor’s office (Mr. Chestnut)

  • MPD Camera Program – free camera paid by district
  • DC Water Tunnel forums next week, 301 Rhode Island Ave — development updates
  • DC Funk Parade this Saturday — all day event, line up at Howard Theater
  • Opening Ready Center — April 29th
  • DC Arts Community
  • Mayor will be at the Apple Store opening in the Carnegie Library this Saturday
  • Free All Hand Tech — UPO in Southeast Sat 10-3p

Updates from ANC Commissioners

Bradley Thomas

  • 24 April meeting— NY Ave Playground — $500,000 million budget for new  infrastructure
  • Joe Mama lot – N. Captiol and Florida Ave.  // developer has plans approved by historical preservation and got approvals, 2 years of extension
  • 21 May ANC meeting — 1.) Dave Thomas circle  – need BACA support motion, 2nd majority in favor, 1 opposed  2.) McMilian update 3.) Mold and Radian presentation

Tijuana Griffin, Community Health Fair

  • 4th and Q Church   — Health Fair on July 28th
  • 10 week campaign that leads up to the health fair

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