BACA agenda for Feb 3, 2020

Monday’s BACA agenda is below. Please come by to lend your voice to this discussion.

Meeting Information


Monday, February 3, 2020



Location: Mount Sinai Baptist Church 

Old Sanctuary

3rd & Q St NW


Agenda Topic & Description Presenter Time
1 Welcome & Officers’ Report

A report out from the BACA officers on the membership, finances, and past meetings. 

BACA officers 7:00-7:05
2 MPD Updates

Discussion of strategies that have been implemented to improve neighborhood safety.  Please address recent gun violence in the area, including gunfire at 1st and Bates and N. Capitol and Bates.

Cpt. Kim, others 7:05-7:30
3 Updates from Councilmember and Mayor’s Offices

Representatives from each office will provide brief updates and take questions from the community. Note: focus on current safety and quality of life issues.

Kelley Cislo

Dominque Chestnutt

4 Capital Grid Project

Representatives from Pepco will share information about upcoming construction related to the project on P Street NW and NJ Avenue

Lauren Forbes

Travoris Culpepper

5 ANC Commissioner Updates

Commissioners Thomas (5E05) and Lewis (5E06) will share updates from the ANC.

Bradley Thomas

Karla Lewis


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