Oct/Nov 2019 Meeting Minutes

Bates Area Civic Association October Notes

Cpt. Kim provided an update on law enforcement issues.

  1. Uptick in robbery
    1. Arrests on North Capitol of person forced off scooter
    2. Leads on shooting on 200 of q st
  2. 16th search warrant, 22nd recovered three guns and a vehicle, Sept. 15th unit block of O St
  3. Distribution arrests on North Capitol — distribution arrests
  4. On 7th St NW there has been an uptick in shootings
    1. 7th and P — another shooting yesterday juvenile woman shot in leg
    2. Officers authorized overtime to help with the uptick in violence, 1700 block of 7th St. received a security camera
    3. Neighbors encouraging police to reach out more to community and engage.   Cpt. Kim said they try to have meet and greets with community and tents.
  5. 3D listserve — reach out to the Commissioner to sign a letter for sentencing, community impact

Kelley Cislo provided an update from Councilmember McDuffie’s office.

  1. Certified Business Enterprises: legislation for a new office of oversight
  2. Small Businesses: affordable space, incentives for affordable leasing opportunities
  3. Statehood Hearing

Travis Culpepper from the Pepco Capital Grid Project  

  1. Update, strengthen current system
    1. Substations from early 1900s and build an additional substation (Mount Vernon)
    2. 10 miles of new underground cable
  2. Possible problems: Road slowdown at New Jersey Ave
  3. Timeframe: Start in Jan 2020-2023
    1. breaking up into small, minimal impact
    2. 6-8 weeks per section
    3. 9:30-3:30pm, steel plates placed over work area between work
    4. May have to take away some parking spots while they are working in the area
  4. What: 5 ft width trench, PVC conduit, backfill with concrete
  5. They will have a  24/7 complaint line.
    1. Call 1-833-CAP-GRID or email CapitalGrid@pepco.com
  6. Neighborhood concerns about coordinating with DC Water project and closing off of too many traffic arteries
  7. 1st and K ST NW will be the new substation, south of the library

Brandon Jackson asking for a Tax Lot conversion to a Record Lot

  1. He wants to split the apartments down the middle so they are rowhouses again
    1. Balance the size and width of the houses on the streets, reverting to way it was before
    2. Will be adding a level to the house
    3. 2 story 1 unit to 3 story 2 units
  2. BCA voted  in support

Sam Patel and John Bea from Best 1 Liquors (322 Florida Ave NW) 

  1. Asking for an extension on hours
    1. Additional 2 hours later
    2. 10-11pm are the busiest hours (small # of liquor store open after 10p)
  2. 1.5 years ago took over ownership
  3. Neighbors notice lots of trash, having to call police
    1. Customers getting drunk and destroying public property
    2. Noise level, trash
  4. Negotiation document. Install cameras, MPD log book, security.
  5. Views of the association are to oppose the extension of hours

Dominque Chestnutt provided an update from the mayor’s office, making the following points:

  1.  Overtime for police officer for uptick of crime
    1. 40% last year, 11% on top of that this year
    2. Community asking for a continuation of this // Fully fund and add more police 
  2. Mental Health service; Ready Center — more money into these programs
  3. Security Cameras helping get footage of crimes, better coverage
  4. Oct. 16th Women Power Walk 
  5. Diapers and Feminine Hygiene products no longer taxed in District

5E06 ANC commissioner Karla Lewis provided an update and made the following points:

  1. 1St Traffic Calming — implementing curb extension and save parking
  2. Comprehensive Plan — community input, public meetings Dec. 16th
  3. Oct. 20th Single member meeting Sunday 3:30-5:30
  4. Oct. 12 Single member Dunbar 9:30a Bradley
  5. Tues, Oct. 15th ANC
  6. U.S. Census is coming in 2020 and hiring
    1. part time/ $25 per hour
  7. Mossad Muhammad Sat. Nov. 16th  3-7pm Talent show, Interfaith event

Bates Area Civic Association 11/4 Notes

President Kyle Thomas introduced the meeting and provided updates on two issues.

  1. Masjid Muhammad requested a letter memorializing BACA’s previous vote that BACA did not oppose the mosque’s request for a zoning variance.  BACA then provided the requested letter.
  2. BACA conveyed its opposition to the hours change requested by the liquor store at 5th and Florida, and that store has abandoned its request.

Cpt. Kim provided an update on law enforcement issues.

  1. Crime has been down in the Bates area.
    1. Month over month there were 50% fewer robberies, 44% less violent crime, and 7% less theft from auto.  Year over year theft from auto has been down 30%
  2. Cpt. Kim acknowledged previous discussions about drug activity in the neighborhood and outlined the following measures:
    1. Specialized units have come into the area five times in the past 30 days. 
    2. On 11/3, police arrested two people for selling cocaine on N street.
    3. On 10/26, police arrested an individual for handgun possession on the 100 block of Q street.
    4. On 10/22, police made two arrests on the unit block of Q street. 
  3. On 10/30, there was an attempted burglary on Quincy while the residents were home; the residents scared the burglars off and, due to a neighbor’s security camera, police made an arrest three hours later.
  4. In total, 29 arrests were made in the BACA area over the past 30 days, seven of which were on North Capitol.
  5. Meeting attendees asked the following questions and raised the following issues:
    1. The bike rack in front of ANXO has been the site of several bike thefts, including five bikes of ANXO employees.  Cpt. Kim offered to inform the patrolling officers.
    2. Traffic enforcement at 4th and Florida and New Jersey and O is a problem.  Cpt. Kim acknowledged and agreed to consider the issue.

Kelley Cislo provided an update from Councilmember McDuffie’s office.

  1. The “Peacemakers Summit” is occurring this weekend.  On Saturday, 11/9, from 11-2 at IDEA Public Charter School there will be trainings and workshops on peacebuilding, organizing, trauma, and grief, and on Sunday, 11/10, there will be a memorial service to remember community members lost to violence at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church on Rhode Island Ave. NE from 230pm-5pm.  
  2. The census is coming soon.  Ward 5 is consistently underreported in the census, and the Councilmember encourages everyone to make sure they are counted.
  3. The Councilmember partners with community organizations to provide a turkey giveaway for those in need around Thanksgiving and invites those in need to reach out.
  4. On 12/12, the Councilmember is having a holiday party at Dock5, 1309 5th Street Northeast.  Tickets and details are available on the Eventbrite webpage.
  5. On 11/23, there will be a community meeting for the DC Comprehensive Plan from 10-12 am at Luke C. Moore, 1001 Monroe St. NE, focused on Ward 5.
  6. Questions:
    1. Multiple issues were raised about the Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project construction along Florida Avenue.  Particular focus was pedestrian crossings around Fourth and Florida, as well as traffic issues on Florida avenue.  Ms. Cislo asked when was the best time to take video of the intersections to show the problem. Also raised was the impact on businesses in the area (ANXO, Truxton Inn, Meat & Foods, and Kuumba Kollectibles) and delays in the permitting process for aid promised by the DC government to those businesses.  Ms. Cislo offered to look into that, and further indicated another person in the councilmember’s office was drafting a letter identifying problems with the project and invited community members to reach out for topics that may warrant inclusion.

Liquor License Applications:

  1. While 7Drum City had applied for an ABRA license, it had decided to defer that application and accordingly no action was taken.
  2.  ANXO is up for ABRA renewal; the petition date is 11/25 and the hearing date is 12/9.  It is requesting no changes to its license. Following presentation from the owner, a motion was made to make no opposition to ANXO’s renewal request; following a second, the motion was adopted with no “no” votes.
  3. Wicked Bloom is also up for ABRA renewal; the petition date is 11/25 and the hearing date is 12/9.  It is also requesting no changes to its license. While no party from Wicked Bloom was present, following request for comment no one in attendance identified problems with the business.

Dominque Chestnutt provided an update from the mayor’s office, making the following points:

  1. Mr. Chestnutt reiterated the councilmember’s invitation to attend the 11/23, community meeting for the DC Comprehensive Plan from 10-12 am at Luke C. Moore, 1001 Monroe St. NE, focused on Ward 5.
  2. There will be a census event on November 18 from 6:00-7:30 at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church at 610 Rhode Island Avenue, NE.  At this event, the DC Census will be presenting general information about the 2020 US Census.
  3. The District has a “Weatherization Assistance Program,” which provides weatherization improvements to the homes of low-income citizens.  Interested parties can reach out for assistance.
  4. Kyle Thomas reiterated all the points regarding the Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project construction along Florida Avenue previously made during the councilmember presentation.  Mr. Chestnutt offered to discuss the business issues offline with interested business owners, and to follow up on the other issues raised.

5E06 ANC commissioner Karla Lewis provided an update and made the following points:

  1. Uncle Chip’s ABRA renewal is in process, with oppositions due 11/18 and a hearing date of 12/2.
  2. The building at 234 Florida Avenue has requested a curb cut.  No further information is available. It was suggested BACA should invite the owners to present regarding their plans for the property as this may create a parking issue.
  3. An illegal construction project at 319 R Street was stopped after a complaint from a community resident to the commissioner.
  4. While Best One Liquors have requested a hours expansion, that request is protested.

5E05 ANC Commissioner Bradley Thomas presented and made the following points:

  1. All ABRA renewals generally come at once, so there will be many such renewals around this time.
  2. Commissioner Thomas will be attending a meeting on December 7 related to the DC Comprehensive Plan; if there are issues he should know about, please contact him.
  3. Commissioner Thomas briefly discussed a high-speed train project that may be coming to DC.

Kyle Thomas closed the hearing by noting BACA would be hosting a holiday party on December 9, with the location to be determined.

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