February 2020 Meeting Minutes

Bates Area Civic Association Feb. 2020 Notes

Cpt. Kim provided an update on law enforcement issues.

  1. Year to date numbers — violent crime down 44%
  2. Special attention to Q ST
    1. Officer Young working directly on our blocks
    2. Question: Drug activity on R st in the evening (around 7:30p).  Moved from Q St to R St? This has been going on for the last 3 weeks.  They have cameras that should be able to see the activity. 
  3. Question from community: 2-3 weeks ago Car fire on 3rd st and florida in the alleyway and set behind bodega — 2 car fires. Possible arson??
  4. Parking R St off Florida Ave by 3rd.   People parking over the line on R ST. And it’s an accident waiting to happen because of speeding cars. 
  5. 3rd St and Florida in cars — people pour white powder on scales in cars in broad daylight. 
  6. 200 block between Q ST and Bates alley.  Early evening. Any updates?
  7. 3rd and Bates house raid.  Federal agents — FBI raid. 
  8. Co-op problem spilling over into other home in the area. 212 Q ST.  
    1. 216 R St. man arrested several times, but no record. 
    2. Email specific information to Capt. Kim so they know what’s going on.   He will share with the narcotics division. 

Kelley Cislo provided an update from Councilmember McDuffie’s office.

  1. Fill out form online for budget request form: kenyanmcduffieward5.com/budget2020
  2. Community Impact Statements
    1. Very helpful in prosecution
    2. Kelly will reach out to OAG to see if there can be coordination to let the community assoc. know when these are needed
  3. What we can do to get more MPD funding for your area and make arrests:
    1. Call 911 if you see anything 
    2. Be specific in descriptions of who and what is going on; any patterns in crime (timeframe)
    3. Share camera footage if you capture anything illegal going on 
  4. Community: Thank you for the 3rd and Florida Ave DDOT signs.  This happened very quickly.   
  5. White flexi posts on 1st St NW
    1. Some are hard to turn around.  We need DDOT to come out and take a look.  Not properly aligned. 
  6. 3rd St. sinkhole in the middle of the road. 
  7. Ward 5 DDOT meeting 12-2p.  What their plans are in ward 5. 

Alex Lopez from Eckington to DDOT to talk about pedestrian death

  1. NorthCap most dangerous street in district
    1. 6 pedestrian in the last 18 months
  2.  North Capitol Needs Assessment Study sponsored by NOMA bid — 60 specific improvements
  3. Letter — asks the Mayor speeds up the process of implementation of these fixes; not in alignment with Mayor’s Vision Zero
  4. Want short term solutions done immediately; start on longer term solutions

Dominque Chestnutt provided an update from the mayor’s office, making the following points:

  1. DDOT presenting at the Trinidad Rec. Center — traffic safety
  2. Feb. 18— New Edward Rec Center — Budget priorities for Ward 5, 
  3. Schedule H tax credit — income eligibility for renters or homeowners making 50-75K
  4. DPCS — 6 week program for teens in local government // DC 2020 census for adult employment  starts at $20 to $30 per hour
  5. DHS — new youth drop in center for homeless teens //  900 Rhode Island NE // food, showers, mental health
  6. Feb. 22nd Community Health Fair
  7. Complaint:  Q ST zone parking for Maryland tags, outside residents parking

5E06 ANC commissioner Karla Lewis provided an update and made the following points:

  1. Flexposts on 1 St.
    1. shorten the length of the crosswalk giving pedestrians less space to interact with traffic/safer
    2. Wider turns because the road looks narrower// turning into other lane of traffic
    3. Neighborhood wanted traffic calming because hospital traffic getting to major roads
    4. Other solutions: Flashing stop lights, speed humps, traffic cameras
  2. Karla is going to write a letter explaining the problems of flex post to DDOT. 

5E05 ANC Commissioner Bradley Thomas presented and made the following points:

  1. Deadline for Comprehensive plan (traffic, safety, development of business/residents)
  2. NY Ave Playground:
    1. Presented 4 different plans for NY Ave playground.  
    2. 3 months for construction.   Early August to Nov. 

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