January 2020 Meeting Minutes

Bates Area Civic Association Jan. 2020 Notes

Cpt. Kim provided an update on law enforcement issues.

  1. No robberies in past 30 days
  2. Uptick in auto burglary.  Don’t leave valuables in car. 
  3. Recovered handgun at  Unit block of N. Distribution arrest — crack cocaine. 
  4. North Capitol area — lots of complaints, 4-5 distribution busts.
  5. White van approaching kids.  Two kids in development were approached.   Paper tags, white truck. 30 P St. Kids got away. 10-11 year olds.   Parents walking with kids, buddy system. Two separate incidents. 
  6. Request to get officers that are cracking distribution arrests at 8th and Q
  7. 911 — leave a call back number/name or be available for interview.  Otherwise, the officers can’t stop the individual. Leave a description of individual. 
    1. All budget decisions are based on data.   Need to call 911 when you see anything. Everyone should call.  Need numbers. 
    2. IDs on cars are really good for the police.   Lots of people fitting generic clothing descriptions.  Cars can target them better for the police.
    3. All budget decisions are based on data.   Need to call 911 when you see anything. Everyone should call.  Need numbers. 
  8. 201 Q ST — still traffic.  BACA wrote a community impact letter.   Search warrant. 1 of 3 barred is pleading guilty to a drug charge.   Update on time.  
  9. Barring notice keeps these individuals just off the property, but they can still be on the sidewalk.  Next level is a restraining order to keep them further away. 

Kelley Cislo provided an update from Councilmember McDuffie’s office.

  1. It’s budget season.  Hearings starting in Jan. 
    1. Event on Jan. 30th to collect feedback
    2. Putting out a survey (paper and online)
  2. MLK Jr. Parade Mon. Jan. 20th 10-2p
  3. 3 Public Safety meetings.  
  4. NABT – Boundary Tunnel meeting.  Problems with congestion at Florida and 4th. 
  5. Kelley will work on community impact statements. 

Dominque Chestnutt provided an update from the mayor’s office, making the following points:

  1. 2020 Accountability meeting next Monday at Galludet
  2. DODE — income eligible program for energy efficiency
  3. Single family rehabilitation programs // chair lifts for seniors  SFFRP

5E06 ANC commissioner Karla Lewis provided an update and made the following points:

  1. Protest with Best One Liquors — denied extension of hours
  2. Pub and People opening downstairs, live music downstairs no open windows or doors
  3. Curb extensions on 1st and R st installed today.   
  4. Northeast Boundary Tunnel businesses are being affected by construction.  Setting up meeting to talk about solutions. 

5E05 ANC Commissioner Bradley Thomas presented and made the following points:

  1. Jan 21st ANC meeting.  Voting on establishing advisory committees for:
    1. zoning issues
    2. alcoholic beverage issues
  2. Looking for volunteers to join these committees. 

Christine Fallon Area Traffic calming plan from ANC 6E:

  1. Howard Theater / Florida Ave NW (diagonal st)  
  2. Gaging interest in the community for these calming measures.
    1. Cars often driving 60 MPH.  Lots of accidents. 
  3. Working across community organizations to find common threads.  Want to work across ANCs.
  4. Possible solutions: protected bike lanes, wider sidewalks, raised pedestrian crossings, curb extensions
  5. Asking DDOT to do a traffic study, but haven’t problems getting DDOT to implement the solutions

Special Announcement:

North Capitol Deco Project — Pioneer Room , Bloomingdale Village Square,   see drawings bloomingdalevillagesquare@gmail.com

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