Neighborhood Wins

I don’t know yet who took first place in the various Flower Power categories. But it’s clear to me that the big winner is the neighborhood.

On the tour of the nominated sites that I took with some neighbors Saturday, our corner of Shaw, or Truxton Circle or whatever you want to call it, positively shone. The sunshine helped, of course, but the streets and alleys were clean, almost of the yards – nominated or not – looked spiffy even if not filled with plant life. The people we ran into seemed happy about the Flower Power competition, even if they had nothing to do with it. And, as one of the tour leaders noted, not a siren sounded all afternoon.
I shouldn’t get too carried away, I suppose…No, I take that back. Nothing wrong with getting carried away, at least for a while.
Mary Ann Wilmer created the project some years back as a way of building enthusiasm for sprucing up our environs, and her vision is being fulfilled.
So hats off to everyone, and a standing ovation to Mary Ann.

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Wins

  1. And on behalf of the committee, thanks to everyone who supported Flower Power! In addition to all the people taking part in the walk, we’ve had strong support from neighbors and local businesses/organizations. We’ve also seen a lot of people over the past several weeks making efforts to spruce up their yards and keep the sidewalks clean. So let’s hope that the enthusiasm keeps up over the summer.

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