Lori Kaplan, Arthur Dade reply on GGW blog re: JF Cook

Recall the Greater Greater Washington blog entry by neighborhood resident Malcolm Kenton supporting the proposal Latin American Youth Center (LAYC)/Youth Build Public Charter School (YBPCS) for the J.F. Cook School? (http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post/8877/truxton-circle-school-and-youth-housing-in-doubt/)

A number of comments have been made at GGW in response to Malcolm’s 1/23/2011 post.

I want to explicilty advise that Lori Kaplan of LAYC and Arthur Dade of YBPCS have placed a combined reply at GGW.   You can read their comment at the link above.

Do you agree with their statements?  Do you disagree?

I would invite Bates area residents and other stakeholders to read Lori & Arthurs’s comment — and all of the other posted comments as well.   Thanks ~

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