Washington Examiner: “Neighbors protest subsidized housing at youth center”

Today’s Washington Examiner includes an article on the LAYC/YB proposal for the J.F. Cook School — and the response by some neighborhood residents.

Note that the article title in the print version of this article is different than the online version.  The print version article heading is “Neighbors protest subsidized housing at youth center.“

I have not copied in the entire article — I have only copied in the first two paragraphs.  You can click on the article link below to read the entire article.

Note that ANC 5C02 Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney, Lori Kaplan of LAYC and Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. are quoted.

 Neighborhood, youth center at odds over subsidized housing.

Residents:  Area used as dumping ground for DC social services


Residents of the Truxton Circle neighborhood east of Howard University are banding together to protest subsidized housing at a proposed school and job training center, a move that could stymie the two-year-old project as it heads to the D.C. Council.

Locals say they are not against the charter school by the Latin American Youth Center that would help rehabilitate youths — but their neighborhood is becoming a dumping ground for social services without regard to community amenities.

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