PCSB seeking input on LAYC

I have been asked to post this message from a Bloomingdale resident:

The Public Charter School Board (PCSB) has just announced that it has received 19 applications for new charter schools, to open in the fall of 2012.  Experience suggests that no more than a handful will actually receive their charters.  LAYC is, of course, one of the groups which has submitted an application for a charter.  This information is available on the PCSB’s website.

I can’t help but notice two errors of omission in the executive summary.  The first is that while the group touts its success serving families in Ward 1 and claims its intended future location is Ward 1, it fails to mention that they’re actively trying to acquire a facility not in Ward 1, but in Ward 5.

The second, and more egregious omission is the failure to mention – anywhere in the two page (singled-spaced, no less) summary – that the program includes over two dozen units of subsidized housing.  (Needless to say, it also fails to mention the unified community opposition to the aforementioned subsidized housing.)

Fortunately, the PCSB charter review process includes the opportunity for the community to provide input.  From the PCSB’s announcement:

During the next seven weeks, each applicant will receive a technical review, and have an interview of the founding groups and proposed principals.  Public hearings are scheduled for March 21st and March 22nd to allow applicants to present their proposals to the Board and the public, and to solicit input from the community.  The PCSB will make decisions to approve or deny the applications during its April 25th monthly meeting.  The executive summary of each application and more details about the process are available on the Board’s website.

I think it’s worthwhile for the community to follow the PCSB’s calendar and prepare to attend the public hearings scheduled for mid-late March.  LAYC never bothered to solicit our input, fortunately the Public Charter School Board is planning to do just that.

You may read the announcement here:  http://www.dcpubliccharter.com/News-Room.aspx?ID=183

You may see a list of charter applications and a link to their summaries here:  http://www.dcpubliccharter.com/2011-Charter-School-Applications/2011-Application-Summaries.aspx

You may download LAYC’s summary here:  http://www.dcpubliccharter.com/data/images/11-011%20layc%20career%20academy.pdf

2 thoughts on “PCSB seeking input on LAYC

  1. I’m not 100% sure, but this appears to be separate, new school, not the YBPCS (YouthBuild Public Charter) that was going to be on the first floor of Cook. I’ve been under the assumption that YBPCS at cook was a second campus for an existing charter. I could be mistaken though.

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