WAMU: 52 O Street Studios –> youth hostel

Listen to this WAMU Metro Connections story on the future of the 52 O Street Studios:

“This past summer, Metro Connection visited 52 O Street: a Northwest D.C. building that’s long been committed to providing affordable housing and work space for Washington’s artists. Now these artists are fearing some major changes, as the landlord considers transforming part of the building in to a hostel. The development will leave some artists without a place to work… or a place to live… and many artists worry the changes won’t end there. Rebecca Sheir heads back to 52 O Street to find out more.”

Listen to comments from existing tenants at 52 O Street Studios and from property owner Marty Youmans.

7 thoughts on “WAMU: 52 O Street Studios –> youth hostel

    1. The city officials made a mess of John Cook Elementary, because they met with the developers and didn’t respect the neighbors or taxpayers input. Will this nightmare begin again? What is the plan for parking, which is currently a big problem for residents on the block?

  1. Agree, he should need a zoning change which has to go through the anc and I strongly oppose this! Should have sold it to a developer for condos that would get more normal ppl on that street and help clean it up!

  2. I agree. The Landlord to this building is in violation. To the best of my knowledge he has not come before BACA, the ANC. Most importantly I have not received notice nor am not aware as to a zoning hearing that would have afforded the community/public to voice tour concerns. Policies and procedures has to be followed.

    Bottom line we have enough of none producing entities to the community that does not add real economic growth and development. Instead landlords/owners see this community as an easy target to bring what they cannot take elsewhere while enriching themselves.

    No we want to keep the artists in the community. This landlord can take his youth hostel, a disgused name most likely for a transitional unregulated home elsewhere. We have a saturation of youths, many of whom have no jobs or direction and crime is the easy way out. Look at the robberies and other crimes to the community and ask yourself “when is enough enough”?

    We must take a strong position against this or any others. The time for [Change] is now or never.
    I strongly oppose.

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