Truxton Circle: comparing 2010 vs. 2012 — and beyond

See this post from Urban Turf.  One of the neighborhoods profiled both in 2010 and this year, 2012, is Truxton Circle. I have copied the section of the blog post below on Truxton Circle.

Truxton Circle pic from Urban Turf
Truxton Circle pic from Urban Turf

Best Use of a Magic 8-Ball
December 17, 2012
by Shilpi Paul

Homebuyers and investors are always trying to figure out which neighborhoods are on the rise in DC, which unsung places might be the next Logan Circle or H Street Corridor. To get some educated hunches, two years ago UrbanTurf reached out to a selection of bloggers, journalists, real estate agents and developers to get their thoughts on what DC neighborhoods would be attracting homebuyers in 2015. Earlier this year, we decided to check in with the same group to see if they still agreed with the choices they originally made.

Below you’ll find their thoughts from 2010, followed by their opinions from earlier this year.

Truxton Circle
By Suzanne Des Marais, real estate agent with Keller Williams


I live in Bloomingdale and when I started working over here more than nine years ago, it was definitely considered fringy. Now, I often have buyers come to my open houses or call me with specific interest in the neighborhood, but find that they are priced out. A lot of these folks are ending up in the adjacent neighborhoods of either Truxton Circle (south of Florida Avenue, north of New York Avenue), or NE Eckington (directly to the east across North Capitol Street). Given that a few years ago people bought in Bloomingdale because it was affordable, but now people actually seek the area out, I see the expansion to the close-by neighborhoods as having the same effect in a few years.


Truxton Circle continues to develop, especially in relation to the commercial activity going on in Bloomingdale and NoMa. There are several new multi-unit buildings that have recently been completed and there are still properties that can be improved. When I’m looking at and advising my clients (both residential and developers) about the next hot neighborhoods, I’m looking for possibility, not what is already completely updated or commercially developed.

This time, I would add in the Georgia Avenue and Florida Avenue Corridors. With the opening of the Howard Theater, several restaurants, and the development planned by Howard University up Georgia Avenue, I think we’ll see the Pleasant Plains and Park View neighborhoods (along the eastern side of Columbia Heights) wake up significantly.

2 thoughts on “Truxton Circle: comparing 2010 vs. 2012 — and beyond

  1. You may also want to note that Shaw is the community’s legal name, There are however, buildings that are still affordable but require renovations. It can be a lot fun- it is a great place to renovate. One of my neighbors just completed her kitchen. (Awesome) She is also remodeling her antique floors. Some of the houses are over 100 years in age. If you are able to keep the original floor and brickwork, it is an offering of pride. Finally, Truxtun or Truxton is actually the name belonging to another community.

    1. based on the Shaw Urban Renewal Area? that makes it legit? Dunbar makes far more sense for this area than Shaw, if we’re basing it on school names. Or Bates, since thats what people who lived in the area called it before “truxton” came into fad. What “Shaw” is, is a failed urban policy from the 60’s.

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