Catania Bakery’s Louis Caruso profiled by Portrait City DC

Are you familiar with Portrait City DC? See this 12/17/2012 message from the Portrait City DC team:

Portrait City DC: Louis Caruso
Portrait City DC: Louis Caruso

Louis Caruso is the son of Alfio Caruso, who founded Catania Bakery in Washington, DC in 1932.  Louis lived in the apartment above the bakery at 1404 N. Capitol, where he typically worked from 3 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon.

He joined the army in 1942 – “just as business was getting good“ – but emerged intact and continued to run the bakery with his sister and two brothers.  The Caruso family sold the bakery to the Tramonte family in 1978, and it is still going strong in its original location.
See him here .

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