have you provided DMPED with feedback on the two proposals for the 1520-1522 North Cap NW lot ?

Have you taken a few minutes to provide DMPED with some feedback on the proposals by Cycle House and Lofts of Truxton Circle development teams for DMPED’s 1520-1522 North Capitol Street NW?

1520-1522 North Capitol St NW 2015 11

1520 North Cap NW Cycle House 1520 North Cap NW Lofts of Truxton Circle

Here is a link to the Powerpoint slides from the two team:

Here is the blurb on this Bates area project from the DMPED website.  You can use the Email address at the end of the blurb below to provide your feedback.


Truxton Circle 1520-1522 N Cap NW DMPED 2015 11

The Truxton Circle site is an approximately 0.11 acre parcel located at 1520 – 1522 North Capitol Street, NW, in the Truxton Circle neighborhood of Ward 5, designated as Lot 0842 in Square 0615 (“Site”).  The Site is currently a vacant lot and is located a block south of the intersection of North Capitol Street, NW, and Florida Avenue, NW.  The Site is bounded by North Capitol Street, NW, to the east, Bates Street to the north, row-houses to the south, and an alley to the west.  New York Avenue and the NoMa-Gallaudet University Metro Stop are a few blocks southeast of the Site.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Truxton Circle parcel was issued on April 17, 2015. The submission deadline for proposals was May 29, 2015.

Two development teams responded to the request for proposals. They were:

  • Urban Green, LLC, with Flywheel Development
  • Blue Sky Housing, LLC

An interdisciplinary panel of District government staff is currently evaluating the responses.  As part of the evaluation process, the two development teams presented their proposed development projects to the community at the Bates Area Civic Association on November 2, 2015.  The presentations from each development team are available below.  The public comment period is open through December  11, 2015.  Any comments or questions may be emailed directly to the Project Manager, Tsega Bekele.

Questions should be directed to Tsega Bekele, Project Manager, at tsega.bekele@dc.gov.

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