Eric Jones: Please respect your neighbors

From the Facebook page of the Bates Area Civic Association:


Neighbors, as the weather cools down and more and more neighbors have visitors in their home, it is becoming much more of a problem on Bates street. If you or your guest are going to park on Bates street and the other streets in our community, please tell them to respect those who live there by doing the following:

(1) Pay attention and do not take up multiple parking spaces.

(2) Park on the speed bump so that they don’t waste space and reduce the number of people who are allowed to park on the street.

(3) Park far away from the person or place the are visiting for various reasons when there is parking close.

Many of our neighbors have kids and many of them are also older and it is difficult for them to have to walk long distances because of folks who have no respect for our community.

respect our neighors


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