DHCD’s #FlaQNW site part of today’s DMPED “March Madness” development opportunities event

The DHCD Florida & Q St NW site is back in the news today.


Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC 14m14 minutes ago

wonder if ‘s site is on the properties list of today’s March Madness event

UrbanTurf @UrbanTurf_DC

@ScottRobertsDC @TruxtonCircle @DCDHCD @dmped @SmallBizDC Yes it is: urb.tf/1Sl6owh

And here is the piece of the Urban Turf post that references the Florida & Q St NW site owned by DHCD (click on the link to read the entire Urban Turf post).

March Madness is Upon Us: DC Releases 2016 Development Opportunities

March 25, 2016

by Nena Perry-Brown

This morning, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Office of the Deputy Mayor of Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) hosted their second annual “March Madness” event, where development opportunities across the city are previewed for interested parties. Some of the projects have been in the works for many years or are past the proposal phase, while others are new to the development pipeline. Below we outline many of the opportunities.

Florida Avenue and Q Street NW

Seven vacant lots and an empty building at Florida Avenue and Q Street NW (map) will be put up for an RFP in May. The DHCD envisions that the 12,402 square-foot site will either be used for residential use with up to 60 percent of the site occupied, or 100 percent occupied for other uses. Two of the lots are R4 zoned, while the remainder are C2A.

FlaQNW site pic

And see this tweet from the March Madness event:

Bloomingdame@bloomingdame 13m13 minutes ago

At DMPED March Madness event- announces (another) RFP for Fla&Q in

FlaQNW site March Madness slide 2016 03 25


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