landmark nominated filed for 71 O Street NW

71 O Street NW SOME

See below.

DC Preservation League


Sent: Friday, March 25, 2016 9:58 AM


Subject: [HistoricWashington] Historic Landmark Nomination Received and Filed for Hearing

Greetings: The DC Historic Preservation Office recently received and filed one historic landmark nomination. It is:

71 O Street NW  – Washington Animal Rescue League Animal Hospital/Shelter   Case 16-07   ANC 5E

  • nominated by DC Preservation League

This nomination is currently posted on the HPO website at:

A public hearing for this nomination will be scheduled by the Historic Preservation Review Board as their calendar permits under the authority of the Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act of 1978.


DC Historic Preservation

One thought on “landmark nominated filed for 71 O Street NW

  1. If approved, I assume this means nothing will ever replace it? Meaning SOME will likely stay forever because the value diminishes? Yeesh. Where can I protest?

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