Humane Rescue Alliance to join the 3rd Annual Community Health and Fun on Sunday, 07-28-2019

See this news from the Humane Rescue Alliance:

From: Delal Salah <>
Date: Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 1:59 PM
Subject: Health and Fun Fair-HRA Participation

Hello Dr. Griffin,

It was a pleasure chatting with you today! We’re excited about the opportunity to come out and participate in the fair.

We’ll bring with us the following:

  • Literature about our organization
  • Flyers about HRA programs and events
  • Resource sheets for pet owners
  • Posters and coloring books for the children
  • Sample pet food
  • Pet supplies
  • Water bowls-we can be the doggy hydration station for the event! 
  • Trivia Wheel-we’ll ask community members questions about animals and HRA
  • Table cloth
  • Table
  • Chairs

I’ve attached some pictures from previous events we’ve tabled.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Humane Rescue Alliance 2019 07 28 #1

Humane Rescue Alliance 2019 07 28 #2

Humane Rescue Alliance 2019 07 28 #3

And here is the event flier, once again:

4th Street-Friendship SDA church Health Fair 2010 07 28

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